Meteo a Qt application

Create an app that retrieves live weather data. The app should use geolocation to be able to retrieve weather from a specified city.

Technologies used


Powered by Qt

Written with the flexibility of QML and the power of C++

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Live Map Support

Select the location where you want the current weather to be reported from.

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OpenWeatherMap API

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Skills Practiced

Meteo allowed me to practice the following skills


QtQuick layouts

Use Qt Quick Layouts to arrange items in a user interface. Qt Quick Layouts resize their items, which makes them well suited for resizable user interfaces.

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QtQuick ListView

A ListView displays data from models created from built-in QML types like ListModel and XmlListModel, or custom model classes defined in C++.

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QtQuick Controls

Qt Quick Controls provides a set of controls that can be used to build complete interfaces in Qt Quick. The module was introduced in Qt 5.7.

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Qml Bindings

Property bindings are a core feature of QML that lets developers specify relationships between different object properties. When a property's dependencies change in value, the property is automatically updated according to the specified relationship.

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Model/View programming

Most applications need to format data and display the data. Qt Quick has the notion of models, views, and delegates to display data. They modularize the visualization of data in order to give the developer or designer control over the different aspects of the data.

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C++ AbstractListModel

The QAbstractListModel class provides an abstract model that can be subclassed to create one-dimensional list models. QAbstractListModel provides a standard interface for models that represent their data as a simple non-hierarchical sequence of items.

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Qml and C++ interfacing

QML can easily be extended with functionality defined in C++ code. Due to the tight integration of the QML engine with the Qt meta-object system.

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CMake is a tool to simplify the build process for development projects across different platforms. CMake automatically generates build systems.

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